Hoodoo Butte pictures - 2014 12/19 (Fri) 01:50 - Mobile page - Weather page - 48 hour, 6 hour version
5700' View SW: Sand Mountain
Picture is 9.1 hours old
5700' View NW: Hodag Chair (top)
Picture is 9.1 hours old
5700' View NE: Green Chair (top)
Picture is 9.1 hours old
5400' view NNW: Maxwell Butte
Picture is 9.1 hours old
5400' -> Mt Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack
Picture is 9.1 hours old
5400' - 'Ed Thurston Chair (top)
Picture is 9.1 hours old
5000' - Manzanita Chair (top)
Picture is 9.1 hours old
5000' view E: Black Butte
Picture is 9.1 hours old
5400' -> Mt Washington, N&M Sisters
Picture is 9.1 hours old
4800' - Easy Rider Chair (top)
Picture is 9.1 hours old
4800' view S: Hayrick Butte
Picture is 9.1 hours old
4800' view SSW: Hoodoo Butte
Picture is 9.1 hours old
4700' - Headwall (base area)
Picture is 9.1 hours old
4700' - Hoodoo Bowl (base area)
Picture is 9.1 hours old
4800' - Autobahn (tubing)
Picture is 12.6 days old
4400' - US20 milepost 79 - Hogg Rock
4700' - Parking Lot (center)
4700' - Parking Lot (south) & Camper Row
Random shot #1
(~weekly update)
Random shot #2
(~weekly update)
Random shot #3
(~weekly update)

3839' - US20 Milepost 75 - Santiam Junction
c/o ODOT TripCheck

4817' - US20 Milepost 80 - Santiam Pass
c/o ODOT TripCheck

3222' - US20 Milepost 100 - Sisters
c/o ODOT TripCheck
Other nearby ODOT Cameras:
1670' - OR22 Milepost 48, 51 - Detroit RS, ODOT
4252' - US20 Milepost 64 - Tombstone Summit
645' - US20 Milepost 31 - Sweet Home / Foster Res.
Hayrick Butte, Hoodoo Bowl & Butte
Looking south from "Easy-Rider" lift
"Green" & "Manzanita" lifts
Mt Jefferson, Three-Fingered Jack, Hogg Rock
Looking north from top of Hoodoo Butte
Mt Washington, Big Lake
Looking south-southeast from top of Hoodoo Butte
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The Views

At various places on and around Hoodoo Butte there are cameras with views of the local mountains or other features of interest. The primary reason for having cameras is to allow the Ski Patrol radio dispatcher to see what's happening at various places on the hill. The tops of the chair lifts are of particular interest to them.

Additional cameras have been added to help weather station users understand the current local weather conditions. These views attempt to include items both near and far, so that conditions can be better understood in the event of reduced visibility.

Some cameras were added for the view on a clear day. Clouds may obscure views from higher or lower camera sites under different conditions, so the redundant views of various mountains in the background can be useful to understand where cloud deck tops and bottoms are located.

Camera locations are constrained by power and communication resources, and year-round usefulness. Opportunities are limited, but interesting views will be added where possible.

Sand Mountain
  • Looking southwest
Hodag Chair
  • Looking west-northwest
Green Chair (top)
  • Looking northeast
Maxwell Butte
  • Looking north-northwest
Mt Jefferson & Three-Fingered Jack
  • Looking north-northeast
'Ed Thurston Chairlift (top)
  • Looking northeast
Manzanita chairlift (top)
  • Looking north
  • View includes Three Fingered Jack & Hogg Rock
Black Butte
  • Looking east from the Manzanita lift
Mt Washington, Three Sisters & Big Lake
  • Looking south-southeast
Easy Rider chairlift (top)
  • Looking southeast
Hayrick Butte
  • Looking south
  • View includes the Easy-Rider lift and North Lodge
  • Hayrick Butte is a "tuya"
Hoodoo Butte
  • Looking southwest
  • View includes Hoodoo Bowl & Headwall
  • Looking southwest from the South Lodge
Base Area
  • Looking west-northwest from the South Lodge
  • View includes bottom of Green and Manzanita lifts
  • Manually inserted picture (~weekly)
Hogg Rock
  • From the top of Hoodoo Butte
  • Highway US20 @ milepost 79
  • Hogg Rock is a "tuya"
Parking Lot (center)
  • Near the new lodge's ticket window
Parking Lot (right)
  • Looking southeast
  • View includes "Camper Row" & Hayrick Butte
Random Shot #1
  • Taken in the course of the weekly walk-about
Random Shot #2 Random Shot #3
Santiam Junction
  • Looking east from the sign bridge
    ~ US20 mp 75 & ORE22 mp 81
  • View of passing lanes & chain-up area
  • Camera view c/o ODOT's TripCheck
Santiam Pass
  • Looking east from near the top of Santiam Pass
  • View includes highway US20 between milepost 80 and 81
  • Camera view c/o ODOT's TripCheck


  1. A new picture is taken every six minutes.
    - This web page is updated every twelve minutes.

  2. Pictures will generally not be updated after twilight, after it gets too dark to get good pictures.
    - The sun is more than four degrees below the horizon.
    - Pictures of roads and parking areas will be updated at night, since this could be of use to late-night travelers.
    - Pictures of night skiing areas will be updated for days (Fri & Sat) and times (until 9PM) and dates when it's likely to be happening.

  3. When visibility is reduced by clouds, fog, or precipitation, here's what you might not be seeing (sorted by elevation).

    Looking to the North & West Elevation
    Mt Jefferson 10497 012 19.4
    Three-Fingered Jack
    (Treeline on south ridge)
    020 5.7
    Maxwell Butte 6229 347 4.4
    Crescent Mtn
    (over the Hodag lift's operator shack)
    5750 287 10.9
    Hogg Rock
    (US20 milepost 79.5)
    015 1.3

    In the area Elevation
    Hoodoo Butte (top) 5700 - -
    Hayrick Butte 5520 South 0.8
    'Ed Chairlift top - Trees in south view 5400 South 0.02
    Manzanita Chairlift top 5000 North 0.05
    Santiam Pass - US 20 @ milepost 79 4400 North 1.6
    Santiam Pass - US 20 @ milepost 80 4817 West 0.5
    Parking lot & "Camper Row" 4700 South 0.01 - 0.2

    Looking to the South & East Elevation
    North Sister 10085 162 17.1
    Middle Sister 10047 165 18.2
    Mt Washington
    (North ridge tree line)
    156 5.3
    Black Butte 6436 091 12.3
    Big Lake 4644 164 2.1

  4. Views to the east and west are hard on the cameras. Since we want to have some portion of the sky in the picture, at some times of the year the camera will be pointed at a rising or setting sun.

  5. Other nearby web cameras:

  6. If you have ideas for improvements to this picture page, please Email them to "".

  7. Related information:
  • 2013 02/17 - The primary web server is working again. The secondary web server will still be there, just in case.
  • 2014 11/01 - Working on the SE view: Bigger fan installed, now we see if it helps reduce the window fogging problem.
  • 2014 11/22 - SE view: A heater might be useful to dry-out the air introduced by the fan.